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My name is
Ray McEvoy

I was born in Belfast, June 1960
Married to Melita Barr
I have three children, Saoirse, Joe & Cian

An amateur photographer, artist and part time Musician. My full time employment is roofing and picture framing (not at the same time)

Working on the rooftops gives me a very different perspective of my environment.
It allows me to photograph my world from angles and viewpoints that most people don’t see.

I also dabble in photo art techniques which I have developed using a Wacom tablet.

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Music has been one of the most important influences in my life and I’ve been a guitar player since I was 14 years old. That was along time ago!!
Currently I play guitar with the brilliant “Celtic Soul” a seven piece band which pays homage to the musical talents of Mr Van Morrison.

Feel free to browse this site, check out the photos, read the blog and listen to the music..

Many thanks for spending time visiting my site.